Some Wonderful Reading about the Hawaiian Islands, the People, the Traditions

This list is not in alphabetical order, nor is it even a beginning for the total number of books available on Hawaiiana, Island Cooking, Hula, Flora and Fauna, Legends, Hawaiian Quilting and on and on...
My hope is to only to suggest that there is some fine reading to be had and that this partial list will start you looking!
Thanks to Cook's Discoveries in Waimea for their help in compiling this list. All books listed below can be found at their shop.

Princess Kaiulani of Hawaii
by Kristin Zambucka
The haunting story of the Scottish-Hawaiian Princess Victoria Kaiulani; the fragile beauty who, as heir-apparent was groomed all of her life to be the future Queen of Hawaii. Despite the struggles of loyal Royalists who fought for the beleaguered throne, Kaiulani's birthright was swept away forever when the Monarchy was overthrown in January,1893. Hawaii was annexed to the United States on August 12, 1898. The Princess died seven months later, at the age of twenty-three.

A Taste of Aloha
by The Junior League of Hawaii
Over 360 triple tested recipes reflecting the varied cultures of the Islands. Includes glossary, fish chart and guide for a Hawaiian Luau.

Another Taste of Aloha
by The Junior League of Hawaii
Another collection of Island family favorites. Over 280 triple tested recipes, with helpful hints noted that can be prepared quickly and easily by today's busy cooks.

Keikilani - The Kona Nightingale
by Vonnie Lyons
illustrated by Karen Doughtery Spachner
Follow the adventures of Keikilani the singing donkey as she travels from the mountains to the sea on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Art of Featherwork in Old Hawaii
John Dominis Holt

Beautifully photographed history of feather work in Hawaii, with photos of the most treasured objects in the Pacific collections around the world. Also available in hardcover.

Feather Lei as an Art
May Moir

A complete instructional book on the making of feather lei-wili-paepae (traditional) and humupapa (contemporary). Basic instructions for cleaning and preparing of materials with the same history and values.

Hawaiian Quilt Masterpieces
This book presents 48 historic
and contemporary quilts, in full color, that trace the history of the islands. From the influences of the missionaries and traders to annexation by the USA and subsequent statehood.

Hawaiian Quilt
Reiko Mochinaga Brandon

52 Hawaiian quilts in full color that includes 37 historic quilts from the Honolulu Academy of Arts, Bishop Museum, the Daughters of Hawaii. 15 contemporary quilts. Text in English and Japanese.

Hawaiian Quilting 20 Blocks
Elizabeth Root

A collection of full sized patterns for creating strikingly, beautiful quilts. Includes instructions and tips.

Beaches of the Big Island
John RK Clark

A carefully researched guide to the topography under and beside the water, geology, flora and fauna of the beaches of the Big Island. With maps and photographs.

Hawaii, the Big Island Hiking Trails
Craig Chisholm

Trails for all skill levels; from beaches and lava flows to rain forests and snowy mountains. Including history, directions, topographical maps and photos for each trail.

Great Chefs of Hawaii
Kaui Philpotts

From the Great Chefs television series, signature dishes from Hawaii's talented great chefs. New Hawaiian cuisine for the home kitchen with over 400 recipes.

Chicken Skin Tales
Glen Grant

Acollection of favorite ghost stories that celebrate the supernatural traditions of Hawaii. based upon first hand encounters with spirits, strange beings, poltergeists, fireballs and other "things that go bump in the night".

Echo of Our Song
Mary K Pukui and Alfons L Korn

This anthology embraces a wide variety of song-poems, post-missionary chants, gospel hymns, heroic chants and works for commoners.

Hawaiian Almanac
Clarise B Taylor; Illustrations
by Mary Luane Aitken

A treasury of ancient Hawaiian facts and lore, including birth omens, tapa making, farmer's calendar, stars as guides, Hawaiian medicine and dream lore.

Hula Historical Perspectives
Dorothy B Barrere, Mary Kawena Pukui and Marion Kelly

This is an exposition of the hula as described and depicted from the period of first European contact to modern times.

Sacred Hula
Amy Ku'uleialoha Stillman

This is about the hula 'ala'apapa, a genre of ancient hula that predates the so-called modern hula of the Kalakaua era.

Pele & Hi'iaka
Nathaniel B Emerson

The tale of Pele, the fire goddess, her beloved siter Hi'iaka and their lover Lohi'au is told through chant, riddle, prayer and story.

Plants in Hawaiian Culture
Beatrice H Krauss

An introduction to the ethnobotany of the ancient Hawaiians that describes how plants and plant materials were used in food, housing, canoes, clothes and medicine.