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    Though the engine driving the marketplace has not been finished, here is a form to enter your business information. We will inform you as soon as the MarketPlace page is up. You will then be able to review your entry and make any changes you'd like. To enable this editing capability, there is a request for a code at the end of the entry process. If you find that your data is already in the database and that you had not entered or cannot remember your code, please email me at

   While entering your data, be aware that when finished, this business directory will help supply all the web pages on our site. We will use only the Business Name, Business Type, and Subcategories for page creation. Thus, if you run a B&B you should select Lodging as your Business Type, and enter Bed & Breakfast as the Subcategory. If you feel that your business should be listed under multiple categories, you must re-enter the information for each. Sorry about that! Each entry will be fully indexed, so information that you enter in the description will also be used in our search engine when that becomes operational.

   Also, note that no formatting, other than line feeds (carriage return [enter]) and spaces, is currently supported. We will be allowing simple text formatting (underlining, boldface, etc) in the near future.


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